Risk Management Services

Our Risk Management Program features promotion of shared learning and collaboration among participating organizations.  The program is grounded in each organizations’ shared values and overall concern for the safety, quality of care and services provided.

Program Features

  • Development of a customizable, enterprise-wide risk management plan
  • Professional support focused on skilled risk prevention promoting a Culture of Safety
  • Training and orientation to Risk Management staff
  • Site visits and reviews
  • Meetings and webinars 
  • In-servicing (in person or via webinar) for both clinical and non-clinical staff on issues such as:
    • Movement Through the Continuum
    • Fair Housing Act
    • Documentation of Records: Charting to Defend Your Facility
    • Investigation 101: Think Like an Investigator
    • Investigating Abuse and Neglect – Thinking About Compliance and Risk
  • Development of risk management policies and procedures, both clinical and non-clinical
  • Development and implementation of PEER, our web-based event and near miss/good catch reporting system, which includes:
    • Training for all users of PEER including event submission, file management, and the creation of reports to trend and track events
    • Technical and advisory support for all PEER issues including functionality and customization of the software program
  • Review of adverse event reports
  • Review of insurance carrier reporting requirements and assistance in completing required claim forms
  • Communication with attorneys, families, residents and power of attorneys on potentially compensable events
  • Integration of risk management perspectives into the scope of the organization’s compliance program
  • Collaboration with the organization and outside legal counsel on professional liability matters