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Q: Log in to my Member Hub.
Visit https://fsainfo.memberclicks.net/

Login: Your email address
Password: To set your password for the first time, click in the Password text box and hit enter. You will then be given instructions on how to reset your password.  

Q: Reset my password
A: Click Here for instructions on how to change your password.  

Q: Update my Profile
From the Member Hub, click on My Profile. Please note that only your job title and photo are editable. For all other changes, please contact us.

Q: Update Profile Picture
Click Here for a step by step tutorial on how to change your profile picture.

Q: Find contact information for an FSA member or connect with my peers
A: For FSA Members: From your Member Hub, Click on Member Directory and enter your search terms, then click on Search

Q: Find out why I'm not receiving emails
A: Check your junk mail! Many times our emails are filtered into junk or filtered out because of various fire walls.To fix this, add the following email addresses to your address book: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

For FSA Compliance and Risk Management Members: To contact staff: click on FSA CRM Staff Directory, enter your search terms, then click on Find Members. To contact your peers: within the Connected Community, click on your community. Then, click on member profile names to access their information.

Q: Get Information About an Event
A. Click on Events or Event Calendar,
then use the arrows to advance through months. Click on any event name for more information or to register.

Q. Register Myself and/or a Guest for an Event
A. Click here for a step-by-step guide to registering for an event.

Q. Register Other People from my Organization for an Event
A. In order to register other people from your organization, you must be your organization’s Key Contact. Click here for a guide to registering others for an event.

Q. Pay for an Event
A. Our database does not allow us to take payment for your registration. Once you have submitted your event registration, you will see a $0 total at the bottom of your confirmation. Please note that we will email an invoice for the correct amount to your accounts payable department.

Q. Start a Discussion with my Peers
A. From the Member Hub, select My Connected Community

Within the Connected Community, click Browse > Discussion Posts. Click the green Post New Message button. Select which group to which you’d like to send your message, then enter your message and attachments and click Send.

Q. Create a Library Entry
A. From the Member Hub, select My Connected Community.
Within the Connected Community, click Browse > Library Entries. Click the green Create New Library Entry button at the right of the screen. Enter your title, the Library to which you’re adding, entry type and name. Click Next. One the next page, choose and upload your file, then click Next to describe your file or Finish to post.

Q. Get back to my Member Hub
A. Within the Connected Community, click on the Back to Member Hub link in the upper right corner. Within the FSA Website, click the purple Member Hub button on the right of the screen.

Q. Log off my Member Hub
A. From the Member Hub, click the purple Member Logout button.