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Since 2013, the FSA Leadership Institute has offered a unique, in-depth experiential learning opportunity for current, emerging and new senior leaders to enhance and deepen their understanding of leading in a Quaker-affiliated organization. This intensive experience is designed to give leaders ways of thinking and practicing that are congruent with Quaker values. 

Sessions are held at Chubb Conference Center, 309 Manor Road, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444. All participants are required to stay overnight at the conference center in order to minimize distractions, attend scheduled evening events and promote bonding within the cohort.



Program Design
The FSA Leadership Institute is a cohort model program. Participants meet in person as a group three separate times, for several days at a time, for intensive, engaging, and practical educational experiences in leading and connecting to Quaker history, values and practices. In between sessions, the group will continue to connect and process what they are learning. 

Group size is limited to one participant per organization, and is open to the staff of FSA member organizations only. 

Quaker-Inspired Leadership Practices
Participants will explore identified leadership practices that are especially important in values-based organizations. These include:

  • actively seeking the minority voice
  • recognizing that everyone has value and the capacity to contribute
  • community voice and building community
  • consensus decision making
  • continuing revelation
  • egalitarianism/distribution of leadership
  • transparency

Values in Action
In order to expose participants to ways of thinking that are congruent with Quaker values, various speakers and materials will focus on various models and system frameworks that reflect the values in action. Examples include:

  • peer coaching
  • Quaker model of decision making
  • appreciative inquiry
  • patterns of system dynamics
  • clearness process
  • levels of decision making
Lead Faculty



For more information, contact Marsha Wesley Coleman.

"(The FSA Leadership Institute) was an invaluable experience that I highly recommend. It transformed my way of thinking about leadership."