2019 FSA Annual Meeting

Rooted in Values. Driven by Excellence.
April 24 - 26, 2019 - Pennswood Village

April 25 | Annual Meeting for Members

Dr. Gerard Magill, Professor, Center for Healthcare Ethics, Duquesne University

Integrating Organizational Culture with the Hallmarks of Quaker Values-Inspired Senior Living
Organizational culture, while complex, is based on a simple ethics paradigm that aligns Identity (who we are), Accountability (how we function) and Quality (what we do) in our institutions. These items constitute the foundation, process and practice components of organizational life.

Join us as we explore how organizational culture can be integrated with the hallmarks of Quaker values-inspired senior living. We will look at how the components guide stewardship, decision-making and best practices that shape our ethical compass and enliven the hallmarks in practical ways as we work in senior living.